Tuesday, October 28, 2008

happy bumpers

YEAHH!!!! I made a blog, hahahaaa.... I took like AN HOUR to choose this layout because there were too many of my husband's layouts!!!!! donno which to choose =p

The reason y I lob lub him so much, his facial hair is my fetish!!!!! WAHAHAAA... like a bad boy with his style & tattoos and all but never judge a book by its cover, tats y his my idol bcos im like him =p [ok, im over-obsessed]

Not been sober for this few days, feeling like cow dung now...... never got to understand wad people hav been talking to me abt, tats the best feeling after hangovers, -___-

Well, at least Im happy to bump into a few frens... The first one really touched my soul, his a old schoolmate he was like ' your b'day is coming soon right? ' GOODNESS, its been 4/5 yrs?? he remem? hahaaa...

The next bumper is my ex's small sis, another one not sober with her red cheeks HAHAA, if u read this, im gonna tell ur bro.... hahaa, so NOT telling =p

Last but not least bumper is ALSO NOT SOBER... The first reaction was a fren's warm hug, awwww =D Thanx for the shisha and ehems.......

WHY are 2/3 of my frens not sober hahahaaaaa... THANKS BUMPERS, BUMP AGAIN SOON YAWWWW!!!!!

This is me and my new top that I bought just for fun and change in giordano straight away HAHAHAAAA, the first bumper cut the price tag fer me =p